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Piercemotorsports to prepare Ferrari F430 for Daytona


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Long day for those guys at Daytona---parts didn't arrive in time here in California from Italy so they had them sent to Florida and opted to not run today (missing the 1st qualifying session and 3 practices) and get the car squared away for tomorrow...probably a smart move---poor crew is getting thrashed by now! My Boxster ran strong all day in ST---saw them around the top ten in most sessions allthough they qualified 16th I believe---they should be strong for the race tomorrow!

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Good Job. I was looking for them all day. Looks like the got to run in night practice. Good Job on such a short time frame. I'll be watching all 16 hours and rooting for ya!

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It doesn't look good for them to sort out the problems by tomorrow. They ran around 20 laps today throughout the various sessions and couldn't get the brain working correctly...They're trying but have limited parts available in the country...My boxster drove up to 13th place in the beginning of the Continental Challenge race before jumping the restart and then finally losing a clutch master cylinder causing them to retire...DRATS!! Not a great weekend so far in Daytona! Congrats to rumbum---passed on the second to last lap for the win!!!

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Darn!!! Just pulled this off the Grand-am Website---they're going to run in the back-up car...


Sigalsport Ferrari Withdraws, Drivers Swap (Updated Saturday at 12:35 p.m.)


Sigalsport has withdrawn its No. 08 Ferrari 430 Challenge from the Rolex 24, with team drivers Gene Segal and Roger Yasukawa moving to the No. 52 Wil Mar Racing Ferrari 430. They will be replacing Wil Mar drivers Filippo Marchino and Jay Wilton, and will co-drive with Bob and Jim Michaelian and Joseph Safina.

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Looks a heck of a lot better than it performed over the weekend...still waiting to hear what exactly was the issue---I'll post it up when I know. Hope I get to keep working on the car---there's a ton of stuff I'd like to do (given the time)...

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Well...they left for Daytona with some of the parts needed still in Italy---they sourced out what they could---missed most of the practice sessions. Evidently they had to "make" brake brackets/wheel spacers and a bunch of parts at the track (the original Ferrari challenge stuff wasn't legal as you know)---and when they went out in qualifying the car had a wicked vibration and was way off the pace...they elected to withdraw...it was an incredible effort to get as far as they did in the amount of time they had to work with (less than 30 days)!!!

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