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New undertakings for GPC


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Frank....GREAT!!! with you signing, me and James signing up we have 3 VVCx cars. There is a corvette in the SE that may go as well...so maybe we'll have a race after all.


Greg...you know everybody says running slicks is more expensive than the DOTs. I would debate that point. When I run T1 nationally I have to buy at least one set of tires for every event...$850 mounted. These tires are good for one qualifying session and one race and then they are basically junk (sure you can use them...but lap times really come down after the third heat cycle). AND during the race you can feel the tires going away on you so that by the time you finish you are hanging on for dear life. I bought a set of Goodyear slicks ($600), they have 10 heat cycles on them and seem as good as when I bought them (they are the hard compound).

Also...I am not as concerned with the GT1 or Porsche GT's as I am with the CSR's. For GPCx or 1???>>>as long as it is not a tube frame purpose built race car, let it race...I'll take my chances.

Remember..this is the first year for the Nationals. we are racing for plastic trophies. NASA seems to be really taking off (especially down in Atlanta). Lets all sign up for VVC and see how big a class we get. Lets run and see what shakes out. Lets see whatother cars show up and compare times. Lets have a meeting w/all the guys from SU/VVC etc at the race and talk about where to go.

Just my $.02

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I will register for VVC also. How did the race go? My "new" motor locked up so I was unable to make it. I figured I would let you guys get a little more cocky so I can sneak up on you next time.

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There was no real racing for position in GPC. I was the only GPC "1" and Jay was considerably faster than Randy's 348, as would be expected, in GPC "2".


I think Brady was feeling left out all weekend.


I did manage to finish 1st overall for the 1st race on Sunday and was on the pole for the second race. I finshed 2nd overall on Saturday's race due to 18 heat cycle DOT's and a broken front rotor.

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Sorry I missed it. I will be at the Houston race. I am pulling the motor back out right now. I think the fool that I got it from must have done something wrong with the lower end. I am hoping it is something I can rebuild.

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Yeah, a bad deal is an understatement. I appreciate your offer. Once I get it out and see what the problem is, I'll give you a call. It did not even fire, it spun a couple of times and locked solid. So I am thinking it must be something in the bottom end. I checked several of the connecting rod bearings and they looked great before I put it it, but something solid locked up. Hopefully it is something simple.

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Hey guys,


First...I'm not bitching!

I looked at the point system last night and am pretty frustrated. It seems we are the only race group that has car rules like this. I have never heard of points being used for everything that's not concidered OEM. Because, what's OEM on one car isn't OEM on another.....and if one guy just levels himself to a competitors better setup- then he takes on points. It is too hard to equalize and harder to see how honest a fellow racer is. Let's assume I put on a larger bore block, how would anyone know just by an examination of the external engine? Are we breaking down the engines to see how honest everyone is? Why not just put a horsepower limit and let us do what it takes to get there. Who really cares if the brake pads aren't OEM. I don't want a guaranteed, or must-have, upgrade to push me into another class I shouldn't be in.

It only hurts the experience and joy of racing if we can't use the best materials to safely guide us around the track, for fear of gaining points.


Look, I'm building my car to be competitive within the group of racers we have here. If wanting my engine to last by putting a dry-sump on it pushes me into SU...then I'll race SU. But know you'll be one less car at the nationals. Besides, building a car right now is like shooting at a moving target, so I better just build it the way I want it.



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There is no point system for VVCx. There are rules for V1, V2, but for VVCx do what ever the hell you want. Well wait a minute, I think you need the stock windshield

Go to the National site and download the VVC rules. And then sign up for VVC x!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and lets go have some fun.

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I really am OK


I wanted to just say what I am sure others are feeling too, but just sit quietly by- while the season pushes on.

You are right, I'll sign up for VVC.


But you got to the heart of the issue. Are we better as a group by having three classes (VVC, GPC or PT)? And run them thin with hardly any competition. I know our AI/CMC is growing and strong. But there isn't three competing classes for the same cars.

Nor a funky rulebook.


With this in mind I liked GPC best. I think NASA should hunt for racers in competing groups (ie, SCCA, PCA, BMW clubs) by looking at how we can incorporate their already setup cars into an easy fit class at NASA. Let's make it easier. It's all the K.I.S.S. philosophy. And use more cars than just vettes and vipers.


As for VVC this season. Yes let's do it. But! (and this is a strong but) don't hurt me next year by saying my car doesn't fit anywhere because I built it to a class NASA rules permitted. See the issue? Or am I crazy?

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I agree with Brady on this one. I am going to register for VVC-1 with my car. But my car is built and will continue to be built for the GPC rules, not the PT rules. Let's just make one decision or another, so that everyone can work on their cars. This is why a lot of us don't like the "other sports car club". To many classes and too many changes. Let's make a decision and stick with it. For every person on this board that is a dedicated race, I bet 10 people that are looking to get into the class see the discussions and are confused about the status. I know that if I was building a car right now, this all might make me a little hesitant about how I was going to build it.

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hang in there guys. Next year a few more vette's may join the ranks.


If I can just convince Falcon to come over with me next year.

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Is that the best answers we can get from the NASA organizers?

Where are we at with this class? Is it a plan to get it straightened out in the near future or next year?

BTW- I am one of your supporters. Heck, I am one of just a few who show up. This is why I want this class to be inviting...it needs to be built to pull drivers from other organizations.

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  • National Staff

Here's your answer:


Due to time constraints, the release of the National GPC Rules will be postponed until after the NASA Championships.


The following classes will be eligible for the NASA Championships (assuming there are 4 or more cars registered per class): VVC, SU, HU, GTSU, AIX

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