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Post pics of your HPDE toy


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So with the year over I am already going through some withdrawal. I thought I would start this thread so we could all share our favorite moments or prized HPDE possessions.


Here are a few of my 86 951





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Here is my 06 at Daytona...


The rains are coming.......


Coming off from giving my student a treacherous ride in a pouring rain storm on shaved RA-1's. Lot's of fun!!!


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Here is my 06 at Daytona...


Beautiful car! Do the flaggers call you in as # 154, 319, or 510?



LOL. Thanks! It is alot of fun. This was a PBOC event and I was in two classes that weekend. The 154 was for Supersolo and the 319 was for my instructor class. Well, the 510.....I was too lazy to take that off from the last SVTOA event.

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Tried posting my pic, but getting an error message that the board's attachment quota is full. Any admins out there that can help?

1. Post the photo on MySpace, Photobucket, Flickr, etc.

2. Copy and paste the photo's location as a link in the reply box here

3. Highlight the link, then click on Img in the option box, then submit the reply

4. Photo will magically show up without NASA having to actually host it and deal with file storage



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Ok, thanks for the education.



This is the 944 NA that we're prepping for 944Spec. My son and I are running it in HPDE 2 & 3 in Norcal.

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