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LS-1 in a Mustang rumor?


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"major marketing blunder"


You guys keep focusing on the swap, and ignore that the power to weight still guides whatever you have in the car. Keep ignoring the RACING, CLOSE BATTLES ON THE TRACK, and such, because people only car about what is under the hood. Maybe we should forget the racing all together and just have a F*in car show instead. Then we can check to make sure all the serial numbers match.


exactly, all this swap means is now there will be MORE cars RUNNING and ready on race day. 350hp/350tq is 350hp/350tq no matter what engine it comes from. Period. You can make whatever power you want with the ford mills and you can do it with a lighter weight 2v aluminum block, they just don't last long. Maybe the chevy boys are mad b/c the only way they were every going to win is if the fords blow up?

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Would you guys like it if we could help install a Mustang suspension on a Camaro?

Oh wait, most of the Mustangs already have Camaro style torque-arm and SLA suspensions on them.

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RayBob, I feel your pain. I wanted to run a GM product in a big way. I still think the f-body is a very competitive chassis. They still have the advantage of better factory suspension geometry, aero and they still have considerably wider track widths than the mustangs. Also, the fact that they're so large makes them harder to pass. There are obvious advantages to running an f-body, the least of those IMO would be the powerplant.


Like most, I refer to AI as "spec mustang" because I don't like the lack of diversity in the series. Maybe by putting a chevy in a ford more chevy guys will have a reason to follow the series? And as far as the marketing of the series... if you're in the grandstands, can you tell what motor is in the car?

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I think this discussion has now run its course and has dissolved into a bit of sniping, so the lock has arrived. I am happy to see that you all have different opinions as such divergent thinking is often what makes life interesting and motivates both innovation and change. Despite not following your exact wishes, I do value each of thoughts expressed as it gives me a finger on the pulse of the series that I would not otherwise have.


However, I would like to offer some final thoughts on Cousin Pat’s Mustang SS and what it means for the series.


I do want to reassure you all that this decision was not made lightly and was considered for years before Pat came to us with his request. I have been concerned for quite a while about the rate which the SBF’s and 4V Modular Fords expire at the power levels run in AI and the resultant loss of funds and ultimately competitors that this weakness represents. To suggest that the decision to allow the “bastardâ€

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