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TT3 - Is anyone planning on it?


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soundguydave, thanks for answering my question. I did make it down to Road America for Sunday of nasa's last event there. Unfortunately it was not a typical event, but I was able to check out a couple very competitive C5 vettes/drivers and discuss car builds.


I have been running with everyone that comes to Road America and Autobahn. Hooked on Driving and some of the others have signed me off to run with advanced class but I try to take advantage of coaching at every event when available.


Thanks for the invitation.


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The top 7 out of 8 at CMP this weekend are C5s. Suspect TT 3 will have a lot of C5s.


4 out of 5 doctors agree


Fever for 15 days seems to make you faster...

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Most of the C5 guys that I talked to this weekend are all going for TT3. I guess I will go there too and be pack filler with Jeff only slower. On a different note. It was really good to see all of you this weekend I was about to forget how much fun just hang with you all is.


Congratulations Mark on more track records.

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